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Beowulf & Grendel's Mother
Swedish Hero slays Monster's Mother

Beowulf looks for Grendel's Mother -  © Nash Ford Publishing
  • Meanwhile, Grendelís mother was plotting her revenge. She came to the great hall after everyone was asleep. She killed Aeschere, the Kingís best friend, and took away his body and her sonís arm.

  • Beowulf and his men volunteered to track her down and kill her. They followed her tracks to a cliff overlooking Grendelís Lake. They found Aeschereís severed head there.

  • Beowulf borrowed Unferthís sword called ĎHruntingí and dived into the lake. He found Grendelís mother and she carried him off to her underwater home.

  • There was a long battle between them. The Hrunting sword was useless. Eventually Beowulf grabbed a magical sword from the wall of her lair and killed Grendel's mother with it.

  • Beowulf then found Grendelís dead body, cut off his head and presented it to King Hrothgar as a trophy.

  • They all had a big party back in the Kingís great hall. Beowulf returned to Sweden but promised to come back if ever his help was needed.

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