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of Northumbria

King Edwin of Deira (Northumbria) -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • Edwin was born about AD 584. He was a Prince Deira (part of Northumbria).
  • When he was a boy, his father was killed by the Bernicians (who lived in the other part of Northumbria). The Bernician king made him live in exile (outside his country).
  • When he grew up, his friend, King Redwald of East Anglia, helped him gather together a big army. They fought a big battle and took back Northumbria.
  • Edwin became a Christian at his palace in Yeavering.
  • His powerful armies took over British kingdoms, like Elmet and South Rheged.
  • Later, two kings invaded Northumbria. They were King Cadwallon of Gwynedd (in Wales) & King Penda of Mercia. They killed Edwin in AD 633.


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