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British Kingdom in North Wales

Click the Map to see Gwynedd's place in Britain
  • Gwynedd covers most of North Wales and the Isle of Anglesey. The name is pronounced 'Gwineth' and means either 'Desirable Land' or 'Warrior Land'.
  • When the Romans left Britain, it was invaded by the Irish.
  • The British High-King (perhaps Vortigern) is said to have asked a friendly group of Britons living in Pictland to help him get rid of them.
  • A chief named Cunedda and all his sons and their army travelled south to Gwynedd. They fought the Irish and sent them home.
  • Gwynedd had many sub-kingdoms ruled by local kings. They are named after the sons of Cunedda.
  • Cunedda’s descendants ruled here until 1282. That’s over 800 years! Then the English took over.
  • The kings lived at Aberffraw. Their Royal monastery was at Llangadwaladr.
  • The most famous Kings of Gwynedd were:
    • Cadwallon - He lived in the early 7th century. He was a friend of the Saxon King Penda of Mercia. They took a big army North, killed King Edwin of Northumbria and conquered his kingdom.
    • Rhodri the Great - He lived in the Mid-9th century. He ruled Powys and Seisyllwg (Ceredigion) as well. He fought against the Vikings and drove them out of Wales.


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