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The Potter
Every Village should have One

An Anglo-Saxon Potter -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the home of Berthelm the Potter.
  • Berthelm makes cooking and storage vessels out of clay.
  • He digs up the clay from a boggy place he knows near the river.
  • He makes pots, dishes, jars and jugs, big and small.
  • He sometimes makes them by hand, coiling up a thin clay sausage into a pot; but he also has a simple potter's wheel.
  • Berthelm puts a lump of clay onto the turn-table of his potter's wheel. It is connected to a second wheel which he spins with his foot. This makes both wheel and table turn. Then he can smooth the clay and hollow it out into a circular pot using his fingers. He needs lots of water to keep it wet.
  • He has several small 'dies' which the bone worker has carved simple patterns onto. Berthelm can press these into his pots again and again to make a repeating pattern.
  • Then he builds a bonfire and carefully places his pots into a pit. When the ashes are smouldering he pushes them over the pit to bake the pots slowly. (Later Saxons used proper kilns).
  • When everything has cooled, he can sell the pots.
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