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Who were they?

Roman Man in his Toga -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • In the centuries around the year zero, the people from Italy were called Romans. Their capital city was Rome.
  • They were much more advanced than the people in Britain. They had lots of clever inventions and ways of doing things.
  • The Romans had a big army which fought people and increased the land over which they ruled. This land was known as the Roman Empire. It was ruled by the Emperor.
  • In AD 43, the Romans conquered Britain so that they could have the rich minerals there (lead, tin and gold).
  • They defeated the Britons and took over the island. They called it 'Britannia'. The Britons had called it 'Prydein'.
  • The Romans set up towns and cities all over Britain and taught the people all their ways. They ruled for nearly 400 years.
  • Merchants and other people from all over the Roman Empire came to trade and settle in Britain. Even some of the Emperors visited.
  • Lots of Roman soldiers came to Britain. They decided not to take over the area now called Scotland. So they built a big wall across the north of the country to keep out the people who lived there. This marked the very edge of the Roman Empire. Parts of it still stand today. It is called Hadrian's Wall


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