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Rule Britannia
Roman Province on the Edge of the World

  • The four provinces of Britannia, south of Caledonia -  Nash Ford PublishingAfter the Romans conquered Britain, it became part of the Roman Empire. An area of the Empire like this was called a province. A governor ruled it for the Emperor.
  • In their Brythonic language, the British called their island 'Prydein,' but the Romans spoke Latin and called it 'Britannia'.
  • At first, Britannia was one province. Then it was split into 2 provinces, and then 4. There were capitals cities at Londinium (London), Corinium (Cirencester), Eboracum (York) and Lindum (Lincoln).
  • The governors were then called consuls or presidents. The island became a big province called a 'diocese'. It was ruled for the Emperor by more important governor called a vicarius.
  • The Roman army helped the governor rule the island.
  • The Romans brought lots of new ideas to Britain. This is called 'Romanization'.
  • However, the British kept many of their old Celtic ways too.
  • People came to trade with and live in Britain from all over the Empire.
  • The Romans set up towns with local councils. Each ruled over the surrounding area called a 'civitas' (like a county). They collected farm produce and money in taxes for the Emperor.
  • The Romans ruled Britain for nearly 400 years.
  • Eventually, troubles back in Rome forced the army to go home to try and sort them out. Britain was told it had to look after itself.


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