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Rule Britannia
Briton bashes Bad Romans

Queen Boudica of the Iceni -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • After the Romans had conquered most of Britain, they ruled the British tribal areas by making friendly tribes into client-kingdoms.
  • Their king of the tribe became a client-king who accepted the Emperor as his superior. On these was King Praswtag of the Iceni (pronounced Eye-keen-ee) tribe from Norfolk.
  • When he died in AD 61, he left his kingdom to his wife, Queen Boudica (pronounced Boo-dee-car).
  • But the Romans took over Norfolk and flogged (beat with a whip) Boudica.
  • She raised a great army and marched on the Roman town of Camulodunum (pronounced Camel-o-doon-um, now Colchester). The Britons there had been forced to build a huge temple to the Emperor Claudius.
  • She was joined by lots of Britons who hated the Roman invaders. They burnt down the town and killed all the Romans there.
  • The 9th Legion of the Roman Army marched to fight them, but the Romans were defeated in battle.
  • The Roman general, Suetonius, evacuated Londinium (London) and gathered together the 14th Legion and some of the 20th Legion to fight the British.
  • Boudica and her army burnt Londinium and then Verulamium (pronounced Wer-oo-lame-ee-um, now St. Albans).
  • They the met the Romans in battle somewhere in the Midlands. The Romans had about 10,000 men. The British are said to have had 23 times that many. Can this be true?
  • The Romans won the battle because of their great tactics. Boudica poisoned herself.
  • The Romans were here to stay!


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