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The Roman Army in Britain
Military Numbers in Britain

Roman Centurion -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • Just like today, the army in Roman Britannia was organised into units of different sizes. 
  • There were originally four main army units called 'legions' (each with about 5,000 soldiers) sent to Britain.
    • The 2nd Augustan Legion - stationed at Isca Augusta (Caerleon) in South Wales.
    • The 9th Spanish Legion - stationed at Eboracum (York) in Yorkshire, but they only stayed for about 70 years. They were replaced by the 6th Victorious Legion.
    • The 14th Geminan Legion - only stayed for 20 years
    • The 20th Victorious Valerian Legion - stationed at Deva Victrix (Chester) in Cheshire.
  • Each legion was commanded by a legate. They were divided into 9 cohorts. Each cohort was made up of 6 centuries. A century had about 80 men commanded by a centurion.
  • The legions sent out smaller units, called 'vexellations,' to where they were needed around the province. So there were Roman forts all over the place.
  • There were also lots of cohorts of 'auxiliaries' (which means helpers). Lots of them were stationed on Hadrian's Wall.


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