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The Slave
One of Many: They kept everyone else going

Anglo-Saxon Slave -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the grub hut of Cadfan the Slave. He has to share it with another slave called Rhun. It is also a tool shed.

  • Cadfan and Rhun belong to Wilfrid the Thatcher. Their grub-hut is next to their master's house.

  • Both of them have to work very hard from dawn till dusk on their master's land and looking after his animals. Sometimes they have to help out fetching and carrying for the thatching business too.

  • Wilfrid treats them OK and they are fed well. Some of their friends get beaten by their masters quite often. No-one says anything about it because they're just slaves.

  • Cadfan is British. He has been a slave since his village in Calchfynedd was raided by the Saxons when he was a boy. His father was killed and the rest of his family were taken back to Anglo-Saxon England. He does not know where they are now.

  • Cadfan was sold to Wilfrid by a slave-trader. He was lucky he got to stay in Britain. The slave -trader sells most of his stock across the Channel.

  • Cadfan now speaks fluent Old English, but his Brythonic isn't what it used to be.

  • He hopes that his master will free him in his will. After all, Wilfrid is getting on a bit. He's 45!


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