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The Slave Girl
One of Many: They kept everyone else going

Anglo-Saxon Slave Girl -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the grub hut of Gwenllian the Slave Girl. She has the place to herself but it is also a wool store.

  • Gwenllian belongs to Aelfflaed the Weaver. Her grub-hut is next to her mistress's house.

  • Gwenllian does all the household chores like cooking and cleaning. She also fetches and carries, looks after her mistress's sheep and hangs dyed wool up to dry. At harvest time she must also help out in the fields.

  • Gwenllian is British. Her husband was killed in battle against the Saxons. She was captured and dragged screaming from her home in Dumnonia by her mistress's husband. She hates him, but Aelfflaed is nice to her.

  • Gwenllian only speaks Brythonic. She gets by with a few words of Old English she has picked up.

  • Gwenllian has a baby boy called Pedrog. She has to look after him as well as doing all her work. The baby was born into slavery. His father is Cadfan the slave of Wilfrid the Thatcher. He lives across the road.

  • Aelfflaed and Wilfrid don't get on. They argue all the time about who owns the baby!


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